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Hello, phantom stranger.


It's been a dynamic and unpredictable year or so. Long in some ways and very short in others. Family and day-job life consumes most of my time and energy these days. The family part of it is lovely - I've discovered new emotions that I didn't know I had. So much light and joy.


The day-job side, not so much light. I'm doing what I need to do, for now.


We are going to leave Toronto this summer for sure. There's a new baby coming, and I feel that to stay where we are presently would be unfair to us all. This is a beautiful place despite it's inconveniences, but more and more every day I feel like it's not OUR place any longer. We need to grow.


I want to write a bit more often, both here on this website and recorded songs. Also, I want to change some old and ultimately bad habits. It's far better to be untethered and at the helm of your own ship, I think.


We'll see. Till then.


(*this art is by our downstairs neighbor, Jason - http://www.skam.net/.)




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