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Fever, potato quesadillas and zombies

I haven't been sick, really sick, in many years. I can't remember the last time that anything viral took me down. Sure, I've had many hangovers that had me feeling as though I was dying, but nothing more than a slight cold since high school, if memory serves.


Well, yesterday I woke up at 4 am in a delirious state. Temperature confirmed at 102 F and my entire body aching like it had been trampled on. By the middle of the afternoon I realized that I'd better call Telehealth and on their recommendation I went to emergency at Mt. Sanai. They took blood, ran an electrocardiograph then kept me waiting (understandably - I wasn't dying) for almost 5 hours. They said I should quarantine myself for 5 days! Got the Tamilflu pills and back home.


I feel quite a lot better today. Temperature continues to fluctuate but not much above normal. I've been watching season two of The Walking Dead which has me a bit strung out emotionally. Ever since I became a parent its harder to watch shows that depict very bad things happening to young kids. I'm taking a break.


The hardest part of being at home is not being able to touch Barrett, and having to wear a mask. He seems to understand though. He knows that germs can be harmful and seems to not want to be sick. He's smart.




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